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Turbo Fan offers the best air circulation for your need with varied air wind and air directions. The turbofan can accommodate the large span area without any interruption for a long period. The fan speed can be adjusted to the desired angle.

The fan has the best copper motor that works continuously without any ideal time. The High Flow Turbo Fan is designed in such a way that it is very handy to use. The high flow fan is weightless and compact in size that can fit anywhere to fulfil your need.


The fan provides high wind speed for a long time. The turbofan is the best alternative for the traditional and conventional fan models. The residential fan is inbuilt with the 1.4m power cable to make it easy to operate the wind machine. The turbofan has higher performance efficiency and durability compared to other fans in the market.

The motor is 100% copper coiled to transfer the electricity passed to rotate the fan blades. The high wind flow fan is provided with the adjustable blower angle and it has the potential to blow in the targeted location. As the fan machine works on electricity.

Safety Fusemotor Protection is made available to safeguard the motor from failure and overload. The 3 Speed Settings are provided to satisfy the changing needs of the customer. The main advantage of the fan is that enhances Space Saving to the customer.

The turbo wind speed from the fan does not incur more power and thus power saving is made possible. Shop the High Flow Turbo Fan from Vanismart to satisfy your multi-purpose needs. The fan is available at the best competitive price with the best built-in quality.

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