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Mosquito Killer uses the CCFL photocatalyst light that highly attracts the mosquitoes. The Mosquito Catcher Machine attracts the bugs and sucks it using a fan. During the process, it does not create any sounds in catching the bugs. The Mosquito Trapper is completely noiseless and it does not require any manual interruptions to kill the flies.

The Mosquito Killer for Home is inbuilt with a fan that pulls the flies to the trap and there is no chance of mosquito escape. The Killer Machine kills the trapped mosquito in a safer condition and no harm is produced to the humans and pets.


The Mosquito Killer Machine uses the light to attract the flies thus making no involvement of chemicals in the gadget. The Mosquito Killing process ensures that no toxic substances are released into the atmosphere.

As the machine uses light as the main medium for pulling the mosquitos, the light does not emit any radiation and hence it is safe for humans to use the Mosquito Killer. Vanismart’s Mosquito Killer Machine is completely User-friendly compared to other machines.

Mosquito Killer does not release any odour during the killing whereas the mosquito racket releases some odour smell during the Mosquito Killing. There is no need for using pesticides to attract and kill mosquitoes.

The Mosquito Killing operation is completely soundless as light is the main core. The Mosquito Trap Machine is suitable for 24/7 usage. The Mosquito Catcher Machine incurs low operating costs and less electricity consumption.

The special feature of Mosquito Killer for Outdoor is that they suck the mosquito from 360o thus making the environment free from mosquitos.

The Mosquito Killer Machine is made of high-quality materials to withstand daily wear and tear.

Buy the Mosquito Killer available at the best price in the market. The Mosquito Killer Machine is highly durable compared to other products. The killer has high-performance efficiency and the cleaning of the Bug Trap Machine/Killer is easier.

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