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Vanismart manufactures the highly durable Rechargeable Torch Light in the market at the best competitive price for both online and offline shopping. The LED bulbs used in the torchlight is powerful and gives you a clear object image. The light is spread evenly towards the targeted surface.

The torchlight energy does not drain away within a short time and the performance of the torch is numerous. The light power source is adjusted with the help of a switch that is provided in the device. Rechargeable light is easy to use and carry.


The torch device is lightweight and hence it is easy to carry the torch anywhere. The plastic materials used in the flashlight is of high-grade quality and they are highly damage proof. The torch is suitable for daily and routine usage. The seasonal changes do not affect the performance of the light device and are corrosion resistant.

The torch is recharged using the charging pin that is attached to the device. Once the light rays start to reduce, the torch has to be recharged for further usage. The rechargeable batteries in the torch device have a longer shelf life and the batteries can be easily changed after their usage.

The operational time of the device greatly depends on the light power. The flashlight withstands the wear and tear of consumer usage. The device consumes less electricity to recharge the batteries.

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