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About us

Our company is a leading industrial Manufacturing expert, well-known for its reliability, flexibility and finest quality products.

Vanismart is the leading manufacturer and supplier of selective home appliances products like Rechargeable Mosquito Bat, Mosquito Killer, High Flow Turbo Fan, Head Lamp, Emergency Light and Rechargeable Torch Light. At present, every home is mandated to use those products as they fulfil the customer requirements.

During the rainy and winter season, you feel so discomfort due to the mosquito. The sound and the disease caused by the mosquitoes make everyone get sick. The repellents available in any form becomes inefficient when the living area is of large span. The smell of repellent may affect the individuals.


Mosquito Bat and Killer are the best solutions to resolve and get free from mosquitos. The Rechargeable bat is made of close mesh which leaves no mosquito alive. The Mosquito Killer and Racket do not release any toxic substance at the time of the mosquito-killing process. The mosquito racket is highly effective in killing and product performance.

High Flow Turbo Fan is the best choice for your Summer Season. The raising hot temperature makes you sweat more and more, thus your energy drainer within a short period of time. The turbofan produces high wind speed that helps you to tackle the summer season. The fan is inbuilt with a 1.4m wire cable, thus you can use the fan at your leisure.

Emergency Light and the Rechargeable Torch Light helps you to avoid light problems at the dark night. The brightness of the light is adjusted using the controller and the batteries used in the lantern gets recharged within a short period of time and work for a longer duration.

Head Lamps is the best choice for dark travel. The lamps provide the best light brightness with the right focus on the objects. Head Lamps have higher durability with excellent shelf life.

Buy the home appliances products from Vanismart Online Store to fulfil your immediate needs.

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