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The Rechargeable Emergency Light from Vanismart is the best choice for your emergency flashlight need that are delivered within few days of your online order. The led bulbs are used in the emergency lantern gives the brightest and powerful light source. The light intensity in the lantern can be adjusted using the switch controller.

The emergency light consumes less electricity to fully recharge the batteries. The recharging time of the light device is less compared to other products in the market. The emergency light uses lead-acid batteries that are essential for giving the best performance of the emergency light.


The rechargeable batteries take less time to recharge the full capacity. The emergency torchlight gives you a better picture of the objects in a dark time.

The weight of the emergency flashlight is less and can be carried to any place. The light device is designed to make a strong firm and support on the surface to make the continuous functioning of torchlight transmission without any interruption.

The emergency light is highly durable and provides the best performance. The light is suitable for daily usage and the light coverages in 360o are achieved. The rechargeable emergency light is suitable for large span areas and the same light brightness is spread evenly across the surface/location. The charging pins are provided to recharge the batteries and the device is completely shock-free.

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