Do you know about Mosquitoes? 

Yeah! But you would have experienced its bite and irritating sound. 

The bugs may be your friend at the time of power cut and night times.

Mosquitoes mostly belong to the Culicidae family breed. Mosquitoes are the main source of many viruses and infection transmissions. 

Presently there are more than 3500 mosquito breeds but only 2 types of breeds are highly infectious and are accounted for illnesses. Mosquitoes are insects that fly with a buzzing sound.  Mosquitoes are first found 99 million years ago with the source of fossils. 

The main two subfamilies of the mosquitoes are Anophelinae and Culicidae. Though there are many breeds that evolve, the above mentioned make the virus transmissions. The moment when you got bitten by the mosquitoes, you are unsure about the fact you are infected. 

We people can not identify the breed unless the types of illnesses we undergo. The mosquitoes are more dangerous and it depends on your body health and immunity to fight against the mosquito bite. 

Mosquitoes become deadlier and the breeding of the mosquitoes can not be controlled. Mosquitoes are a part of the natural ecological cycle and the complete extinction of mosquitoes

Life Cycle of Mosquito 

The life cycle of mosquitoes greatly involves FOUR stages namely Eggs, Larva, Pupa and Adult


For any life on earth, water is the main source for its survival. Mosquitoes highly depend on the water. The mosquitoes lay their eggs in the water. Egg hatching happens more in the winter reason than in the summer. The temperature in the winter helps and accelerates the hatching of eggs. This is the main reason we people experience more mosquito problems in the winter and monsoon season.


The larva is the feeding stage of the hatched mosquitoes eggs. The mosquitoes feed with the oxygen from the water. Most mosquitoes either lie parallel to the water surface or upside down on the water. Larvae of mosquitoes require a very tiny amount of water for feeding and biological changes. 


The pupa is the middle stage of the mosquito life cycle. The pupa is the stage where the mosquitoes do not require feeding. This stage is completely rested and time is used for developing into an adult mosquito. The life cycle of the mosquito is as same as the butterfly. The mosquito tears the enclosed skin to become an adult. 


The adult mosquitoes do not start mating and biting for a few days after they hatch from the pupa. Mosquitoes undergo a minimum period of 15 days to go through a complete life cycle. The adult stage of the mosquitoes become dangerous and depending on the breed, the infections are spread.

Mosquito Teeth

You would have experienced mosquito bites. Mosquitoes bite us by using their teeth. Female mosquitoes are the ones that bite you. 

The bugs use 6 teeth to bite and suck the blood from the human body. Maxillae are the first two teeth that pierce the human skin. When maxillae enter the skin, the teeth injected into the skin feels like a bite. Mandibles are the next two teeth that hold the skin tissue after it gets pierced by Maxillae. 

Human tissues are highly reactive and the skin starts to rejoin. Mandibles in the mosquito stop the tissue movement and enable it to suck the blood. 

The hypopharynx is the teeth that suck the blood. The teeth look like a straw and it throws saliva at the bite to stop the blood coagulation.

Mosquito classification by their disease

VectorDisease causedType of pathogen
AedesLymphatic filariasisParasite
AedesRift Valley feverVirus
AedesYellow FeverVirus
AnophelesLymphatic filariasisParasite
CulexLymphatic filariasisVirus
CulexJapanese encephalitisVirus
CulexWest Nile feverVirus

How Mosquito Find Us?

A recent study suggests that we attract mosquitoes through the release of carbon dioxide. When we breathe we exhale carbon dioxide and thus it helps mosquitoes to confirm the human presence. 

Mosquito sense and scan for their meal by the temperature during the emission of co2. At the time of mosquito fly, the bugs search for humans. Once it confirms our presence, it starts to locate us with our body temperature. 

Body odour is another factor that the mosquito used to find us. We used to experience more bites during the interrupted power supply. 

Our body releases some odour when there is a room temperature fall. When the airflow got stopped, the body temperature reacts to it and the odour is released. The mosquitoes easily and quickly sense our body odour and they travel towards us. 

Blood Group is one of the main factors that attract mosquitoes. You may have thought about why you are getting more bites than others. Your blood group is the sole reason behind your confusion. 

The mosquitoes do not suck all types of blood groups as the potent in the blood varies that do not match the mosquito’s requirement. 

The mosquitoes do not like the blood that is not in their favour. Also, mosquitoes are greatly attracted to alcoholic consumers. 

The smaller consumption of alcohol can get you more mosquito bites. 

How to Prevent Mosquito Bites

Mosquito breeding can’t be controlled but instead, we can protect and prevent ourselves from mosquito bites. Prevention of mosquito bites involves the killing of the mosquitoes. 

You find it hard to kill the mosquitoes using your bare hands. It is recommended to use the mosquito bats and killers that are available in the shops. These bats help you in preventing mosquito bites. 

There are also some natural remedies available for prevention. You can create smoke using neem leaves around your premises to avoid mosquito entry at your place.  

Mosquito repellent and moisturizers are better options to prevent mosquito bites. The choice of mosquito repellent depends on your body health condition. 

Some feel safe in using the moisturizers but others get affected with other skin diseases. I recommend you to prefer mosquito bats as they are quite handy and easy to use. 

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