What comes to your mind when you hear “Rainy Season”? 

Ilaiyaraja music, Hot delicious eateries and whatnot! But the utter truth is we have an uninvited guest “Dengue”. 

Oh no. 

It is impossible to think of the rainy season without the dengue virus. You used to get sick in the rainy and winter season. You may think that you are unwell due to climate change. 

You are sometimes Right and Wrong. You are bidding on your health. Why so careless? 

Because it’s our mentality to say “jus a cold and a dolo 650 is fair enough”. 

Also, there are some people who feel they are very allergic to tablets. 

If it’s just a fever then it is easy to get a cure. 

But what if you had additional illnesses to fever? What will you do if you are infected with Dengue? Early prevention and medication is the only choice to reverse your health. It is always better to prevent the illness before it is too late. This article speaks about how to escape your good health from Dengue. 

Let’s jump to the context. 


Personal Hygiene is the main accelerator behind your illnesses. Your hygiene practices not only protect you yet it saves the good health of others. Bad hygiene creates a chaotic environment. 

Sometimes we ourselves ensure that we are leading a hygienic lifestyle. 

Really are we? 

I guess NOT. 

Though the dustbins are at our arm distance still, we play a game of throwing the junks and yet we missed the best shot. We gamble with hygiene. 

“Practise makes a man perfect”. 

Win more shots and maintain good hygiene. 


Change your expression from “Oh no Mosquitoes!” to “There comes my entertainment”. 

Interesting right. 

Mosquitoes make their entry into your home at night. Your vision may not be so clear to focus and kill the mosquito. You would have missed to hit it. I too missed and unfortunately, I slapped my friend with my bare hand. My mind is running between laughter and sadness. I feel your frustration. 

You may have the mosquito bats but no charge. Use the rechargeable mosquito bats from reputed brands like Vanismart, Hunter and kill all the bugs at your home. 

“Mosquito free home is a dengue-free environment”. 


What do you do when someone asks you “Was there any rain yesterday night?”. 

Kids ask their neighbours, Men cross-check the weather, but Legends looks for stagnant water.  We all are Legends. 

Stagnant water troubles your health. You may ask me “How”. 

Mosquito’s best friend is the “stagnant water”. It helps the mosquitoes to accumulate their numbers. My friend, water get stagnant in the unused materials that you store on the balcony and terrace. 

Got no silly reasons to make a scapegoat? 

It’s okay and at least start to drain the stagnant water near you. 

“Small drops make great illnesses”.


“Mosquito Repellent” sounds normal right. 

Are you using it daily? “Why Not!” 

Most of us use it unless our home is filled with mosquitoes. We are the greatest believers of an illusion “when the mosquito is more, the virus infection is more”. 

We’re absolutely wrong. Are we bidding our health just for the sake of a myth? 

The Myth remains Myth, but not your health. Practise a regular habit of using mosquito repellent and save your health. 


When is the last time you disposed of the garbage?

Maybe 2 or 3 days before? 

Yes? Have you ever seen mosquitoes that fly from the garbage? Reserving the garbage don’t turn gold. 

Your dustbins boost the mosquitoes and in the end, you are subjected to illnesses. Do you like mosquitoes? Who like it? It sounds like a dumb question. I know you process the same. Then what’s the reason behind the irregular wastes disposals? 

With due respect, it is “IGNORANCE”.  

Hey you! 

Yes, You! 

You are ignoring your good health. 

Never Ever Risk Your Health. 

Dispose the waste and garbage daily. Stay away from Dengue mosquito bites. 


What’s the first thing you lose when you are sick to dengue? 

No, it’s not weight. If it is weight then it will be welcomed with love. 

The right thing is “Immunity and Platelets”.  

Yes, you start to lose immunity at first thus worsening your health. There is no vaccine to treat dengue. 

The one and only available options are “eating nutritious foods and high energy juices”. 


Nutrition rich food neutralizes the lost immune system. 

So eat healthy foods and stay away from dengue disease.

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