Do you like the rainy season? The mood-soothing climate, romantic sunrise and sunset, chill breeze, and mosquito bites. In other words, the rainy season is declared as mosquito season. Getting used to bug bites is fine unless you are safe and protected from seasonal health issues. 

Even grown adults are still afraid to take medical pills and injections. There is a wise saying “prevention is better than cure”.

Listening to romantic songs, sitting near the windows, and pleasing your eyes with beautiful sights with the windows and doors open invites the mosquitoes to fly into your home. 

We ignore the futuristic occurring problems for the sake of delighting the present nature. Taking care of oneself is quite complicated than you ever thought. 

Regular food diet, medicines, and more importantly taking bed rest in this busy world. Mosquitoes are deadlier and bring viral infections to your home. 

How to stay protected in this rainy season?

For every problem, there will be a simple solution to come over it. What are your thoughts on handling mosquito problems? Please don’t overthink. This article is here to help you out of the possible “if cases”. Get to know how you can stay away from mosquitoes. 

Doors and windows

Closing the doors and windows is the first thing you should do. By doing this, you are restricting the only chance of mosquito entry. If you feel it is not one of your likings, you can better screw the doors and windows with netted screens. With the help of mosquito nets, you can have a safe place to stay and enjoy the beautiful climate. 

Clear the water stagnance

Water stagnance is the unsolved misery in this rainy season. The daily movement of vehicles on the common road creates path holes. Initiations start from within. Yes! Humankind tends to store unused and damaged utensils in the backyard. 

Are you sure that your dumping area doesn’t stagger? Your mind starts to think, but the water gets stagnant like before. Did you know that mosquitoes breed more during the rainy season? Also, bugs befriend stagnant water. 

As the result, you are risking your and your beloved one’s good health. Check out your surrounding and make sure it doesn’t give a chance of water stagnation. 

If there are any, do the necessary activities to get rid of mosquitoes. 

Natural Remedies

Are you a believer in natural remedies? You have our appreciation! We meant it! To some extent, natural remedies give you hand on control over getting rid of mosquito problems. 

One of the best remedies you can make at your home easily is using Ginger. We will let you know how to prepare it. The process is very simple and effective at the same time. 

Cut ginger into pieces, boil them in water and collect the boiled water. Sprinkle it all over the place. 

The aroma of ginger acts as a repellent and it restricts the entry of mosquitoes into your home. Try it out. It may work out. 

Mosquito repellents

You might regularise the practice of using mosquito repellents. Some find this is the foremost and most efficient method to stay away from mosquitoes. Though it helps you out killing mosquitoes when it comes to the bigger picture the repellants are chemicals. 

Yes! Some people, they find allergic to using chemical repellents. 

The mosquito liquid and skin repellents make the user get breathing troubles. It depends on the individual to go for mosquito repellent to get rid of mosquitoes. 

Mosquito Bat and Mosquito Killer Machine(Trap)

You would have disappointed after using some of the mentioned techniques to get rid of mosquitoes. As mosquitoes are the smallest creature, they can easily sneak into your home. However, you would have to bear the pain of mosquito bites. 

Do you ever use mosquito bats and mosquito killers at your place? These are the product we highly recommend you use to protect yourself from bug-related problems. 

If you are wondering which mosquito bat to choose, Vanismart’s 3-in-1 Mosquito Rechargeable Bat( UV in-built) will be the right pick for you to kill all mosquitoes in just one swipe. 

If you are not fond of mosquito rackets, then Vanismart’s Mosquito Killer Machine is here to do your task of killing all the fleeing mosquitoes. 

You can bet on those gadgets to get rid of mosquitoes this rainy season.


Now, the decision is up to you. Though you have multiple options to choose from, we hope you will choose the right technique that you well. What we suggest is to try out all the techniques and pass the right technique to your known fellas. If you ask us what to try first, our reply is “you can bet on Vanismart’s Mosquito Bat and Mosquito Killer”. To know more about mosquito-killing gadgets, visit Vanismart.

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