Mosquitoes are everywhere. They are not deadlier unless it is “DENGUE MOSQUITO”. 

Never ever take mosquitoes so lethargic as they may turn the normal bite into more suspicious. You may practice using some available chemical repellents to kill the mosquitoes which in turn you are spoiling your own health. India is a country, gifted with various ayurvedic plants. 

Being an Indian and practicing the ancient methods of health treatment. There is no surprise that there are many effective common weeds(plants) that completely help us get rid of mosquitoes. Let’s discuss more. 

Ayurvedic Nightshade

Based on recent research, Ayurvedic Nightshade shows promising results in eliminating the chances of mosquito growth. Also, people are not subjected to any side effects or infection when using ayurvedic medicines. 

Yes, Ayurvedic is human-friendly and it is more efficient in complete destruction of mosquitoes and mosquito larvae. The nightshades are highly preferred to eradicate the mosquito breeding that generally occurs in stagnant water. 

Solanum villosum (S. villosum) is one of the family members of the Ayurvedic Nightshade. S. Villosum is the most prescribed and used nightshade today. The use of chemical insecticides in the stagnant water may stop the mosquito breed but it pollutes the land and soil. 

There is no assurity that it does not release any air toxicity. But, Nightshades are completely opposite to the chemical solutions. Yes! You and the waterlogging places are safe. In many parts of India, nightshades are consumed as food and ayurvedic medicine.

Common Weeds

Have you ever had a thought or idea that weeds/plants safeguard your health from Dengue Mosquito Bites. For your kind information, mosquitoes are allergic to fragrances. If you would have noted that mosquitoes are less when the living room is filled with a strong pleasant smell released by chemical repellents. 

The continuous inhaling of chemical repellent makes you feel sick. But that’s not the case in using fragrant weeds. Let us know about the most common Weeds used as the dengue mosquito repellent.


If you have a lavender plant at your home you would have counted less numbers of bugs/insects. Yes! Dengue mosquitoes are very less attractive to Lavender and planting it at your home protects you from mosquito bites. Lavender weeds do not require any special condition for gardening and it is easy to source from the local area. 


Marigolds are one of the most common weeds for destroying dengue mosquitoes. Compared to other weeds, marigolds release a high degree of fragrance. Marigolds can be planted in small pots that give you the leverage of placing them over the high chance of mosquito entrance. Marigolds are available at very low prices that anyone can afford and garden. 


Catmint belongs to the mint family and catmint greatly limits the mosquitoes entering your living place. Catmint weeds are easy to maintain compared to other weeds. Catmint’s fragrance makes the mosquitoes feel hard to sense. 


Basil is one of the recommended weeds for destroying the dengue mosquitoes. Basil emits a strong fragrance that restricts the mosquito’s entry. Using Basil weeds at your place ensures you a safe environment. 


You are available with various options to destroy the dengue mosquitoes. You can select the best that outfits for your needs. Organic repellents are the best compared to the chemical, as it doesn’t develop any side effects. Let us eradicate the mosquito troubles and live a safe life. 

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